Tattooing In Bali - The Ultimate Guide

You will usually see a spiritual and non secular affect withinside the tattoo p…


Tattooing In Bali - The Ultimate Guide

Jumat, 15 Juli 2022
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Iconic temples, lush greenery, scenic seashores and wealthy lifestyle — the small island of Bali is a tropical paradise. Whether you’re on an adventurous ride together along with your pals or really headed for a non violent getaway, Bali has lots to provide to cater to loads of interests.

Get in contact together along with your non secular facet with the aid of using travelling the temples of Pura Tirta Empul in Uluwatu; revel in the wealthy lifestyle and artwork forms; or bask in interesting sports like scuba diving and rafting to get your coronary heart racing. There are hundreds of factors you may revel in right here in Bali. And one such revel in is getting a tattoo. Given that Bali is at the tour bucket listing of maximum people, the island sees a enormous inflow of vacationers each year — which has additionally given upward push to a flourishing tattoo lifestyle.

Worried approximately the capacity risks? Don’t fret. We’ve curated this accessible manual to the whole lot you want to recognise approximately getting a tattoo in Bali.

Why Get A Tattoo In Bali?

Fair question. Why might you get a tattoo in Bali whilst you may without difficulty get it everywhere withinside the world?

Getting a bali tattoo may be a deeply non-public revel in, mainly if it’s your first tattoo. You don’t need a slightly thought-out tattoo that you’ll remorse day after today or stroll into the incorrect studio and threat your fitness.

Tattoos aren't a massive a part of Balinese lifestyle, however they're vital to Balinese pop lifestyle. Tattoo artwork is speedy gaining reputation and reputation in Bali, which is clear withinside the developing variety of bali tattoo stores you’ll encounter in some of the populated traveller locations of Bali, along with Kuta. This has additionally ensured that the tattoo lifestyle prospers and keeps to analyze and evolve in this island.

Not satisfied yet? Here are some extra motives to persuade you to get a tattoo in Bali.

Commemorate Your Trip

You’re in Bali — perhaps in your first-ever global ride; perhaps that is the ride that you’ve been making plans for too long. Or perhaps this changed into really a random vacation spot you chose. Whatever the reason, why now no longer make the ride even extra special?

A tattoo could make this excellent ride ultimate forever. It will usually remind you of all of the hours spent making plans, saving up, of arriving in Bali and being surprised with the aid of using its tropical weather, and of experiencing the wealthy lifestyle and interesting adventures.

Besides, wouldn’t it's a fab issue to gloat approximately as soon as you come back in your country?

An Endless Variety of Tattoo Styles

You will usually see a spiritual and non secular affect withinside the tattoo patterns in Bali, along with Balinese artwork and lifestyle, Hinduism, gods and Balinese deities like Barong and Rangda. You might also additionally even encounter local Japanese imagery just like the Samurai, legendary dragons, or even tribal styles from Polynesia. And if that’s now no longer your fashion, you may without difficulty locate studios that create current designs.

You can pick from a extensive variety of patterns to your tattoo in Bali. Artists right here can paintings with severa patterns together with fine-line, sensible tattoo, realism tattoo, dotwork tattoo, black and gray tattoo, color tattoo, mandala tattoo, conventional tattoo, neo-conventional tattoo, Japanese tattoo, portrait tattoo, realism tattoo, blackwork tattoo, blackout tattoo, geometric tattoo, 3d tattoo, Chicano tattoo, lettering tattoo, minimalist tattoo, new college tattoo, pointillism tattoo, surrealism tattoo, trash polka tattoo, tribal, Polynesian, Maori, Hawaiian, watercolour, etc.

You skipped 1/2 of of the names above, didn’t you? The listing is hard however it additionally manner there’s some thing for everyone.

Affordable Prices

Getting a tattoo in Bali will fee you much less than withinside the first world. Of course, you’ll encounter a few as an alternative tempting costs however now no longer all reasonably-priced tattoos might be accurate. Like different locations withinside the world, in Bali too, the fee of having a tattoo will vary. But, it'll nonetheless be extensively inexpensive as compared to the tattoo studios for your town.

Bali Tattoo Cost: 

How Much Should You Expect to Spend?

As referred to earlier than, getting a tattoo in Bali will fee you a good deal much less than getting it carried out in different locations like Europe, the USA, Australia and New Zealand.

You might also additionally locate neighborhood studios supplying comparable costs however they will now no longer assure comparable nice. And extra regularly than now no longer, the nice you get in a neighborhood tattoo studio for your town might be not so good as the nice of tattoo you’ll get in Bali on the equal or decrease fee.

Although you’ll surely get fee to your cash whilst getting a tattoo in Bali, usually be aware about a “too accurate to be true” fee.

There also are sure foremost elements on the way to dictate the fee of having a tattoo in Bali.

1. Skill And Experience Of The Artist

The extra professional and skilled the artist, the better their costs. Any expert tattoo artist who’s been running withinside the enterprise for some time and has were given some years of revel in below their belt will quote better costs. The fee may also be better if the artist is skilled with the maximum problematic tattoo designs or excels in a greater variety of tattoo patterns.

2. The Complexity Of The Tattoo

The layout you pick will, of course, be a first-rate contributing aspect to the fee. You are, after all, paying for the period of the artist. The artist might be making an investment extra time to create and best an problematic sample than to jot down a easy quote, so they may price you extra.

The fee additionally relies upon at the approach you need to use. Say you need to revel in the historic manner of having a tattoo and pick hand-poking tattoos. This shape of tattoo calls for a one of a kind set of talents and takes extra time as compared to a gadget tattoo, with the intention to then growth the fee even extra.

Essentially, studios in Bali will determine the costs primarily based totally at the complexity and length of the layout, and at the variety of hours the artist has to invest.

Some studios price with the aid of using the hour or the day, at the same time as different studios price with the aid of using the layout.

We encouraged studios that price with the aid of using the layout; this manner you already know precisely what the fee of your tattoo might be. If you're charged with the aid of using the hour there may be no actuality how a good deal your tattoo will fee. What is the rate of the artist's paintings charge? Some artists are sluggish, a few are speedy. The layout and fashion significantly decide the charge of speed. Some of the nice artists are very sluggish and meticulous. This might also additionally land you with a large invoice you probably did now no longer assume due to the fact your preceding revel in changed into with a quick artist.

3. Placement Of The Tattoo

Drawing a tattoo on one of a kind components of a frame calls for one of a kind units of talents and expertise. Depending on in which you need the tattoo, the artist or the studio will quote one of a kind costs.

4. Studio Location

As with many different services, the place of the tattoo studio will even play a function of their costs. A save positioned in a excessive-stop or busy vicinity will price you extra than others. (They do ought to pay better lease and different costs.)

5. Hygiene Protocols

If you encounter a store quoting a extensively decrease fee for the same layout or a store that’s extra than inclined to haggle, stroll away.

It’s noticeably probably that such tattoo stores will compromise on hygiene with the aid of using the use of reasonably-priced needles and reasonably-priced ink without a right sanitization of workspace and equipment. You’ll be vulnerable to getting critical infections like staph, herpes, hepatitis B or C, or worse.

It’s usually more secure to spend some extra dollars and make certain the studio continues a hygienic area and follows protection measures.

Is It Safe To Get a Tattoo In Bali?

It’s as secure as getting a tattoo in some Bali Tatto studio. You hop into the primary tattoo save you stumble upon and possibilities are you may remorse getting a tattoo there. But, in case you do right studies and choose an excellent studio that guarantees protection, you’ll have a awesome revel in with a tattoo that you’ll cherish.

Nevertheless, Bali tattoo protection continues to be a first-rate concern. It is, in fact, one of the maximum not unusualplace questions vacationers have whilst thinking about getting a tattoo at the island. As with each different place, the growing reputation of tattoos has brought about an unlucky boom of severa unlawful tattoo stores close to the busiest roads of Bali, ready so as to make a drunken mistake and rip you off.

It’s nice to keep away from making rash, drunken choices and pick a good save instead, getting a tattoo in Bali could be very secure.

Besides, the Bali Tattoo Industry has modified lots over the last decade. Foreign-managed tattoo stores have raised the hygiene requirements. Even famend neighborhood artists now offer extraordinary services. The enterprise has stepped forward a lot that, today, Bali is many of the main tattoo locations and is taken into consideration a hotspot for noticeably proficient tattoo artists worldwide.

How To Choose The Right Tattoo Studio in Bali

Given the obscenely excessive call for for tattoo stores in Bali, it’s no wonder that there are various unlawful and shady tattoo stores in Bali. The key to a secure and fun tattoo revel in is locating the proper studio

Reputation,Awards,And Recognition

A respectable studio will offer you with the nice revel in at the same time as keeping the best enterprise requirements. Staff will need to hold its recognition with the aid of using supplying you with extra than what you bargained for and prioritising your revel in over the whole lot else. A reasonably-priced studio with decrease tattoo requirements will now no longer have a good deal of a recognition withinside the market.

Studios which have earned awards and had been identified for his or her paintings withinside the discipline additionally display that they're authentic, offer a excessive nice of paintings, and are lively individuals of the tattoo community. Even taking part in tattoo occasions might recommend that they've a truthful concept of the cutting-edge traits withinside the community.

Previous Work

Once you shortlist capacity tattoo studios, go to their web sites and test out their portfolios. Their beyond paintings will show their talents and revel in. You’ll additionally get an concept of what to anticipate and if their fashion suits what you're seeking out. Make certain the paintings that’s published is theirs and now no longer inventory snap shots from the internet.

If you already know any locals, you may additionally ask round to look their paintings in individual and analyze from their experiences.


Tattooing is a unstable business — a bit carelessness can reason irreparable harm. To keep away from that, you want to ensure that the bali tattoo studio you pick follows all of the protection precautions and continues a easy and sterile surroundings withinside the studio.

Here are a number of the maximum essential protection protocols to search for at the same time as selecting a tattoo studio:

  • The needles they use are present day and single-use needles.

  • All surfaces are wiped clean and sterilised the use of alcohol or a cleansing solution.

  • Frequently touched surfaces are wrapped with plastic movie previous to any job, and the plastic is discarded as soon as the tattoo is carried out.

  • Staff use disposable nitrile gloves.

  • Staff use sparkling linen for each customer.

  • The customer’s pores and skin is wiped clean and sterilised with alcohol previous to the tattoo method.

  • The new tattoo will get hold of a remedy of “Bactine” to assist lessen infection and ache in addition to accelerate the restoration method and kill bacteria.

  • The new tattoo might be blanketed with a tattoo-precise non-adherent, breathable movie to save you any germs from coming in touch with that patch of pores and skin.

  • They use the nice nice of ink and equipment.



Most of the Bali tattoo studio offer nearly all forms of layout and fashion options, however a few tattoo studios are acknowledged for precise patterns and techniques. If you're seeking out a selected sort of tattoo or have a totally area of interest concept in mind, it’s higher to search for a studio that specialises in it.

Instructions To Follow When Getting A Tattoo

Everyone has their very own motives for buying a tattoo. Some get them to hold treasured memories, a few to cover the scars, and a few see it as a manner to specific themselves. Some need to flaunt it in the front of the sector at the same time as others need a mystery in their very own.

Whatever your tale in the back of getting a tattoo, there may be a sure protocol you need to observe even if your tattoo is extra of a spur-of-the-second revel in.

Here’s a beneficial manual to the earlier than and after-care concerned whilst getting a tattoo.

1. Preparation

Design and Placement

What do you need your tattoo to be? A quote out of your favourite ee-e book, your favourite lyrics, or a few art work that conjures up you. And in which do you need it?

Have a simple concept approximately the way you need your ink to appearance earlier than you return back to your appointment. You can speak it with the artist after which finalise the layout to present them a move-in advance.


Always do your studies earlier than you finalise any studio. Look up the studio online, attempt to go to it to look how they operate, then make your decision.

Book an appointment

Pre-ee-e book a date. If possible, request the primary artist to paintings in your tattoo. Not all artists can produce the equal degree of artwork, so you’ll need to ensure that the artist is a person who can supply the sort of ink you need.

You must additionally allow the group of workers recognise in case you are on medicines or allergic to anything. It will permit them to pick inks and tattooing strategies cautiously.

2. On The Day

Prepare your self

Tattoos harm. Specific regions at the frame, mainly in which the pores and skin is skinny just like the forehead, wrist and ankle, have a tendency to harm extra than others. Prepare your self to bear the ache.

Stay Sober

Avoid getting a tattoo at the same time as you're intoxicated. Alcohol thins the blood, which might also additionally cause immoderate bleeding whilst getting the tattoo. It will even have an effect on your frame’s restoration capacity and might doubtlessly spoil the art work. So, attempt to live sober at the least 24 hours earlier than your appointment.

Wear Comfortable Clothes

Wear garments which can be unfastened and reveal the vicinity in which you have become the tattoo. If that’s now no longer possible, then put on some thing that’s clean to extrade out of. It will make the method an entire lot easier.

3. After Care

A sparkling tattoo is an open wound, so you’ll ought to take care of it to keep away from infections and to hurry up the restoration method.

Once the tattooing method is whole and you're all patched up, the studio group of workers will manual you approximately aftercare and offer you with an education guide that’ll include all of the required information. Follow it religiously.


  • Should I get a tattoo at the start or stop of my Bali ride?


  • Most tattoo artists will recommend you get inked closer to the stop of your ride, preferably 3 to 4 days earlier than you go away the island. This will will let you nonetheless revel in all forms of adventures that Bali has to provide earlier than you get your tattoo and keep away from exposing it to any infections. Just ensure you don’t have sunburnt pores and skin.

  • And in case you plan to simply loosen up and live interior for almost all of your ride, you may get the tattoo sooner.

  • Will the tropical weather of Bali have an effect on my tattoo?


  • Yes. Not simply the tattoo however your pores and skin may also be impacted with the aid of using the weather. If your frame isn’t used to tropical climates, your pores and skin is vulnerable to getting sunburnt. Use accurate nice sunscreen religiously and cowl as a good deal of your pores and skin as possible.

  • Sunrays aren’t the nice of pals with tattoos. So hold your tattoo blanketed as a good deal as possible. Use the submit-tattoo ointments encouraged with the aid of using the tattoo studio and use a sunblock of better SPF.

  • Again, a clever choice might be to get your tattoo close to the stop of the ride to keep away from hectic your pores and skin submit getting inked.

  • Can I get the tattoo in my inn room in Bali?


  • Some studios will provide you the choice of having your tattoos at your villa or inn. While it can sound handy to get a tattoo in which you’re staying in order that you’ll be comfortable, we are able to strongly advocate in opposition to this.

  • Unlike expert tattoo studios, inn rooms or villas can not hold the excessive degree of sterile surroundings required and aren’t geared up to perform problematic procedures.

  • Getting your tattoo carried out in a inn room might also additionally grow to be your largest mistake.

  • Who must keep away from getting a tattoo?


  • Please chorus from getting a tattoo in case you are pregnant or have a few current fitness situations like hepatitis or worse. If you continue to need to get one, usually seek advice from a medical doctor and searching for their advice.

  • Can you are making the tattooing method much less painful?

  • To an extent, you may. You can pick an area in which it hurts the least, however that’s now no longer usually doable (wrist and ankle tattoos are manner too popular!)

  • The subsequent nice choice is to consume a right meal earlier than your appointment. Our our bodies take care of ache a good deal higher whilst our stomachs are well-fed. Distractions paintings well, too. Listen to a few songs or watch a movie – that’ll keep your interest and save you you from considering the needle that’s hastily puncturing your pores and skin. Then there may be usually numbing cream as a backup choice.

  • How a good deal time will the method take?


  • It can take everywhere among a couple of minutes and some days to get a tattoo. It relies upon at the complexity of the layout that you’ve selected and the quantity of pores and skin you need to cowl. A easy quote in your shoulder will take a good deal much less time as compared to a complete arm or returned tattoo. In the case of realism designs, the artist will ought to hold including info to make it extra sensible, with the intention to take manner longer.


Over the years, Bali has turn out to be one of the maximum sought-after locations to get a tattoo, with many travelers travelling the island specially to get a tattoo. Given the style of tattoo patterns provided and the low fee, many vacationers revel in flying to Bali to revel in a short holiday at the same time as they get a beautiful inkwork carried out.

Nevertheless, getting a tattoo is surely a massive decision. And regardless of how massive or small the tattoo, it's far irreversible. (Well, you may get rid of it however who desires to undergo that hassle?) So, suppose it thru and make clever choices.

Use this manual as your reference, do your studies, pick a truthful studio, and ensure all of the hygiene protocols are observed strictly. And as soon as you’re certain, move in advance and get your tattoo! It will usually be a satisfied reminder of the time you spent at the breathtaking island of Bali!



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